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Crash & Burn IV

Crash & Burn IV

Tim Slagle brings his Crash and Burn series back to Minneapolis for the Fourth smash season April 28 through May 2. Crash and Burn is a very special week at Acme, where four national Headliners try to write a new 20 minutes in the stretch of one week. The only two rules are "No material that has ever been done on stage before", and "Keep it funny." This year, there's a new challenge: Alongside Acme Favorite Costaki Economopolous will be Andi Smith and Ross Bennett, two unique Headliners who are new to the Acme Stage. Tim claims that shouldn't be a problem, since Acme is know for the finest audiences in the nation, and every comic comes with their notebooks prepared to throw some heat. The comedians are chosen by Tim from the pool of funny people he's bumped into on the road: "I work with some tremendously talented people, but every now and then I run into someone who is just so inventive, that I have to invite them into the group. I've known Ross for a number of years, and he is probably one of my biggest comedic influences. I've been trying to get him to do the show with me, almost since its inception; but this is the first chance our schedules coincided. I bumped into Andi out on the road and was simply blown away by her creativity. I would have begged her to do the show, but fortunately for me, she had already heard about it, and was dying to give it a try. Costaki I didn't think we could afford, I pretty much dropped my cocktail the night at Acme when he said he wanted to do the show. "I love doing this. The Acme regulars love these shows, and a lot of them come in multiple times over the week so they can see people's acts develop. It's truly the most forgiving crowd (although they do seem to take an unnatural delight when my jokes bombs.) The hardest part for me, is reassuring the other comics not to panic. "But it's useless. I know that Costaki, Ross, and Andi, are already pouring through their notebooks, looking for the funniest bits they never performed, and getting them ready to Crash and Burn."