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Crash and Burn - See how your favorite comics write new material!

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If you've ever wondered how comedians come up with new material, this is the event for you! Crash and Burn is back this year and better than ever. Four comics step on the stage starting Tuesday with material created only hours before. Over the course of the week they are tasked with refining, rewriting, and creating a brand new twenty minute set with the help of their fellow comics and spectators.

Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in the writing process after the Thursday show. Working with the comics through ideas and feedback the comics will use to enhance their set by the end of the week. This is a distinct opportunity to see how the comedy sausage is made and get some face time with some of the best comics in the country!

The only rules are to create fresh material that has never been performed on stage and to keep it funny. So what do you say? it's time to find out if these brave comics will kill or if they'll Crash and Burn!

For a sneak peek of the Crash And Burn series of shows check out our Podcast series: