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Tim Slagle

Tim Slagle



Political Satirist Tim Slagle is a twenty-five year veteran of the comedy club circuit, and he has performed in most of the 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. His edgy style has made him a cult hero, and a favorite of his peers. He wages a war against political correctness, and fights for Truth and Justice in a time when speaking your mind is a crime more heinous than treason. He is a contributing editor to Liberty Magazine, and has had articles published by the American Legislative Exchange Council and currently writes for Big Hollywood on He performs at prestigious political functions and for major think-tanks nationwide. His Off-Broadway show, The Slagle/Naughton Report ran in Chicago concurrently with the 96 Democratic National Convention. Tim produced and starred in a pilot called the Mudslingers Ball, which ran on KSTP in Minneapolis, and came in No. 2 in it's time slot. He also has appeared on MTV, Showtime, and C-Span.

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