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Jeff Cesario

Jeff Cesario


Emmy-winning comedian JEFF CESARIO returns to his comedy hometown for a three-show stint at what national touring comedians agree is one of the greatest rooms in the country, Acme Comedy Club. 

Jeff was an integral part of the “Snowpack” – the first wave of comedians to come out of Minneapolis – including Louie Anderson, Joel Hodgson, Lizz Winstead, Joel Madison, Sid Youngers and more. His new standup features a great blend of sports and relationship material and new bits on everything from parenting a 9-year-old girl to his attempts at relaxation (Tip: those two don’t go together well).

Jeff is currently in pre-production as executive producer on comedian Brian Regan’s new Netflix limited series… He’s the voice of legendary sportscaster Chet Waterhouse on Fox Sports Radio’s “Steve Gorman Sports” and on the Adam Carolla Podcast…

And you can see him as host Dick Rossi in “The Dick Rossi Show” at