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Insider Zoom Show

Insider Zoom Show


Saturday, May 23rd at 8:00 PM Central Time on Zoom

Acme comedy fans - And away we GO! This week's show is with Bengt Washburn (DryBar, CC) Amber Preston (comedy album Sparkly Pants #1Amazon and iTunes) and Jackie Kashian (HBO 2 Dope Queens, Conan, NPR).

Acme and Minneapolis have nurtured some of the best comics in the world. To keep the comedy coming and the club open - we are going to be doing ongoing shows that you can watch in your home.

We know you, in particular, Insiders... love comedy and love Acme. We could all use a laugh and thus... we're doing this. Want in?

Please note: The show is $11 instead of the usual $10 because of state and Hennepin County sales tax.