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Derek Hughes

Derek Hughes


With shamefully good looks and a closer that will have you screaming in delight, Derek Hughes is set to rock Acme as only he can. This multi-talented U of M alum proved he can do it all by earning an invitation to perform his unique brand of comedy and magic at the prestigious HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen Colorado. Featured on VH1’s “Celebracadabra,” and paired with Kid from the rap group Kid and Play, Derek took this rare opportunity to teach celebrities magic and made it his own. Derek has also appeared in Mr. Deeds had a guest role on CSI:NY, and has been featured on several national ad campaigns.

As polished a performer you'll ever see, this Acme favorite will have old and new fans mesmerized by his magic and in tears from his jokes. Make your reservations today to see one of the premier comedian/magicians in the country perform in front of his hometown crowd.

“Thoroughly Entertaining!”
-New York Times

“A superb magician with a gift for the unexpected and offbeat.”
-Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Creating shows like beautiful crazy quilts sewing together sleight of hand, humor, philosophy, storytelling and straight acting with his sharp theatrical instincts.”
-Minneapolis City Page