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Crash & Burn V

Crash & Burn V


Tim Slagle brings his Crash and Burn series back to Minneapolis for the Fifth smash season April 19 through April 23.

"Crash & Burn: Four headliners. Seven shows. Make a new act or die trying" Starring: Mary Mack, David Crowe, Kevin Bozeman and Tim Slagle.

About the show: In April of 2012, four veteran comics took their comedy lives in hand by doing the unthinkable: stepping on stage for twenty minutes without a single joke that has previously been performed. It was such a successful and ambitious experience for the comedians, audiences and the club we are back for round 5 with a new line up of courageous comedians. This April we will find out what happens when 4 seasoned comedians step on stage to do 20 minutes of never performed jokes? Will it be magic? Will the audience witness the birth of a comedy gem? Or does the comic crash and burn among confused, impatient stares? What will happen on Tuesday night with 20 minutes to fill with never performed jokes? How will the material change shape by Saturday night? 4 courageous comedians all have signed up for the opportunity to die a comedic death or discover comedy gold.

Listen to the comedians Tim Slagle and David Crowe talk about Crash & Burn on Acme Comedy Co. offical podcast

Listen to comedians Mary Mack and Kevin Bozeman talk about Crash & Burn on Acme Comedy Co. offical podcast


Crash and Burn is a very special week at Acme. The only two rules are "No material that has ever been done on stage before", and "Keep it funny." This show is a blast as it is impressive.