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Chuck Bartell

Chuck Bartell


Chuck is not your typical, overly enthusiastic comedian. In fact, he’s atypically and refreshingly not enthusiastic at all. He won’t even ask you how you’re doing tonight, or if you’re having fun. Not that he doesn’t care.

He’s been unjustly categorized as a one-liner comic, but considers himself more of an efficient, no-fluff, extremely short-format storyteller, delivering more laughs per minute than you’re used to, provided you buy into most of the story topics.

After being named ACME’s Funniest Person in the Twin Cities in 2004, Chuck moved to Hollywood for the weather and the BS, was not disappointed, and subsequently performed at top clubs there and across the nation.

Once described by a nice lady in the audience as “wrong, but in a good way,” he’s been asked to participate in The Great American Comedy Festival, The Boston Comedy Festival, Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight, and most recently, the upcoming Tommy T’s Bay Area Comedy Competition, which he figures will be easy to win. Chuck Bartell does not talk like this on stage.