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Mike Lester

Mike Lester


Mike Lester is a standup comedian and actor originally from Minneapolis, MN. He was voted one of Minnesota's City Pages Artists of the Year in 2016. Mike ran a popular online sketch series with his group Lestaril, which showcased his dark wit and unique brand of humor. In 2017, he appeared in two online ads for CHEEZ-ITS produced by Funny Or Die.  You can catch some of Mike’s Stand up on the sixth Season of “Coming to the Stage” on Amazon Prime.

Mike served as Story and Copy Lead for the animated entertainment start up Superplastic, as well as writing and acting in the debut season The Browns Show starring Drag Queen superstar Tammie Brown on the OUT network as well as APPLE TV. In December of 2021 Mike recorded his debut album with Helium Records. The album is set to be released sometime in 2022.