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Mike Heraly

Mike Heraly


With the promise of the Mayan apocalypse looming, Mike Heraly first took the stage in late-2012. Fortunately, the world didn’t end — literally or figuratively. Charming audiences with his self-effacing sensibilities and world-weary sarcasm, Mike is now a mainstay on the Minneapolis comedy circuit where he probes hard-hitting subject matter like his long-held pizza delivery job, proper customer etiquette and his brutally untraditional family life. Oh, and there was that one time he ended up in the psych ward. In 2014, he was a finalist in Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy’s “Funniest Person with a Day Job” contest and can now be seen emceeing at Acme Comedy Club and various bars, basements and more bars across the Midwest. Offstage, Mike spends his shrinking free time donating plasma, grocery shopping at the dollar store, waiting for a tow truck, or wandering around the zoo. He’s been called his mother’s favorite living comic. Please tip your servers.