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North Loop Luxury Apartment Development threatens 25 year year old iconic Acme Comedy Company.
Curt Gunsbury's proposed new eight story 124 apartment complex of 721 North 1st Street will eliminate 130 parking spots across from Acme Comedy Co. forcing the locally owned company to shut it's doors and relocate.

Planning to break ground this July, the proposed development of 721 First Street North Apartments submitted by Curt Gunsbury, owner of Solhem companies, puts Acme Comedy Co.'s future in instant peril. Losing 130 parking spots in an already troublesome parking area will force Acme Comedy Co, to close their doors and look to relocate.  

Acme Comedy Company owner Louis Lee says "I have owned and operated Acme Comedy Company for nearly 25 years. I love the substantial growth that I have seen in the North Loop and welcome new neighbors openly, but the bottom line is this proposed apartment complex will drive my guests away. The people who want to see comedy and see shows at Acme Comedy Co. here will no longer come because the parking situation will be a nightmare."

Acme Comedy Company is not only known locally, but on a national level the club has a reputation of being one of the best and that has put Minneapolis on the map for stand-up comedy. Louis CK recently complimented the club on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Amy Schumer told USA Today that "comedians absolutely rave about this club." Just a few days ago writer, comedian, podcaster, and film director, Kevin Smith packed the place for a 2 night, 4 show run. In 2008 Robin Williams REQUESTED to perform at the club to work on new material. Local comedian Nick Swardson got his start on the small stage in the North Loop. Acme Comedy Co.'s history is rich for the character and culture of not just the North Loop, but also for the city of Minneapolis. To see it relocate because of yet another new luxury development in the North Loop would be a tragedy.

HELP US. Acme Comedy Co, wants the parking issue resolved by the developer and the City of Minneapolis. STAND UP and tell 721 First Street North Apartments and the City of Minneapolis to come to a solution and resolve the parking issue. If there is no resolution to the parking issue this proposed development will kill Acme Comedy Co. at its current location.

Acme Comedy Company urges everyone to sign the petition, "Acme Comedy Co. must stay in Minneapolis! Protect the charm & character of the North Loop!" and they urge every Minneapolis resident that supports the unique and diverse comedy that Acme Comedy Co. brings to Minneapolis every week to lend your voice on June 27 and tell the City Planning Commission and 721 First Street North Apartments to resolve the parking issue before issuing permits and breaking ground. Help keep Acme Comedy Company in Minneapolis.


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Attend the City Planning Public Hearing June 27th, 4:30pm 317 City Hall and support Acme Comedy Company.