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Funnier than…NYE

Funnier than…NYE


Funnier than Nate Abshire featuring Bryan Miller – New Year’s Eve show

Ring in 2018 with not one, but two headliners for a spectacular stand up show at Acme Comedy Company. For years comedians Nate Abshire & Bryan Miller have engaged in a friendly competition; each claiming that he is the funnier one. Acme Comedy Co. absolutely loves both of these comedians but as we are a bit twisted and love egging it on we decided that we want a definitive answer. Is Bryan Miller really funnier than Nate Abshire, or is it the opposite? WE CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH! The good news for audience members is that show is sure to impress, as bragging rights are at stake and Nate and Bryan will be pulling out all the stops.  Add a 5 course dinner reservation, a complimentary champagne toast at midnight and you will have the perfect evening of tight comedy, delicious food and flowing drinks…all while pitting 2 friends against in other in a completely subjective competition. Be part of the fun and ring in the New Year with belly laughs and the knowledge that you have contributed to boasting and/or shame that will last years to come.