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Costaki Economopoulos

Costaki Economopoulos


In the spring of 1993 Costaki was doing graduate work at the University of Georgia. He spent most of his time hammering out a thesis on the influence of political satire on our feelings about government. His off time was spent honing his stand-up skills in pizza joints and bars around town. When he had to turn down a couple of gigs to work on the paper, it made his stomach hurt. He hung in there, finished the thesis, got his master’s degree, and within a year was a full-time comic on the road. He has been creating funniness for audiences all over the country 40+ weeks a year ever since.

His humor has been described as smart, pointed, hip, sharp, insightful, socially relevant, and gut-laugh funny.  A fellow comic once referred to Costaki as a "casually brilliant joke philosopher." His take on such heavy subjects as the war on terrorism, religion, and gun control will leave you thinking and laughing. And his light swagger, playful squint, and wry smile tell you that perhaps there’s more to this multi-layered joke than you first recognized.

"Picture the MasterCard logo," Costaki has said. "Imagine that red represents truly good funny and yellow is crowd-pleasing, accessible funny. I’m aiming for that little orange slice where they cross. I want two brothers to laugh hard, but I want the smart one to laugh and say, 'Wow,'"

He began to make some noise in the business by reaching the finals of the Seattle Comedy Competition, where he was discovered and invited to the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival. Over the years, Costaki has performed in 46 states, covering the country’s best clubs, dozens of colleges and private shows, and some of the worst bars in America. With incredible range, Costaki moves easily from a show with teenage Mormons in Utah to a rowdy late show with rednecks in Pensacola.

They say it takes ten years to make an overnight success, and Costaki’s time has come. He recently taped Comedy Spotlight, and was such a hit on The Bob and Tom Show that they brought him back in to the studio again that same week. After one hard laugh, Tom Griswold belted, "Costaki Economopoulos is Greek for funny!"

Also a talented writer, Costaki’s jokes have appeared on The Tonight Show and BET, where he was staffed on two of their hit shows. He has written spec scripts for Everybody Loves Raymond and curb your enthusiasm, and is currently looking for a writing staff position if anybody "knows a guy."

He has a few irons in the fire so keep an eye out for this long name in the credits of your favorite show.

After a recent performance with Jake Johannsen, Costaki’s mother said, "You were better than that other guy." And really, is there anything more to say after that?


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