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Andy Erikson

Andy Erikson


Andy Erikson took 2nd place on season 9 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing.
Andy Erikson’s love of squirrels and unicorns is only surpassed by her love of performing standup comedy. She intertwines silly one liners with whimsical stories in a playful but thought provoking way. In 2009 Andy won the Aspen Rooftop College Comedy Festival and that same year she was a semi-finalist for the Andy Kaufman Award. In 2010 she took first place in the Funniest Person with a Day Job contest, AND the Duluth’s funniest person competition. In 2013 Andy was a finalist in the Great America Comedy Festival and in 2014 she performed in the prestigious Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Her favorite thing about comedy is making friends..

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