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ACME all star showcase

ACME all star showcase


Acme Comedy Company is showcasing our favorite comedians all week long June 30-July 3rd for a taping. Every night is a different line-up, but the one thing that is certain is that these are going to be incredible shows.

TUESDAY 6/30: Tommy Ryman, Earl Elliot, Patrick Susmilch (MC: Ben San Del)

WEDNESDAY 7/1: Emily Galati, Mike Lester, Ben San Del (MC: Nate Abshire)

THURSDAY 7/2: Robert Baril, Linda Aarons, Bryan Miller (MC: Earl Elliot)

FRIDAY 7/3 8pm: Shannan Paul, Nate Abshire, Derek Henkels (MC: Trevor Anderson)

FRIDAY 7/3 10:30pm: Trevor Anderson, Steve Gillespie, Mike Earley (MC: Derek Henkels)